Professional Carpet Cleaning – Stuart, Palm City FL

PROFESSIONAL CARPET CLEANING SERVICES STUART, FL AND PALM CITY, FL 772–232-7422 Residential and Commercial Carpet and Rug Cleaning by Rainbow International Treasure Coast South. We offer professional carpet cleaning services because you want your carpet to continue to look good, smell clean and last longer. But did you know that proper cleaning might also be a matter of your health? Here is why professional carpet cleaning by Rainbow International is far more important than you may think.Whether you have had your carpets exposed to flooding or simply desire to have the cleanest carpet available in your home or business – time is of the essence. Keeping your carpet and rugs as clean as you possibly can will help you prevent many health concerns for yourself and your family. Rainbow International of the Treasure Coast South is a flood damage specialist who knows how to get your carpets clean. We have special products to deep clean your carpet and also products to eliminate harsh odors; especially, if the carpets have been exposed to flood damage. We also have fans to dry carpets quickly and prevent any harsh odors that may arise from slow drying wet areas throughout the home or business.
It’s important to keep your carpets clean because like any type of floor covering, carpet can pick up a lot of harmful bacteria and germs. This can be associated with spills, your pets or anything that gets dragged in to the room on the bottom of your shoes. While most people have nothing to worry about, young children can easily pick up these germs as they spend a long time playing close to the ground. They could possibly become ill from this. Carpets need special cleaning and the fibers of carpets are much harder to clean unless you use special equipment. This is why you should consider Rainbow International of the Treasure Coast South to professionally clean your carpets.
What about mold appearing on carpet? Carpet which has been wet or damp and has then been allowed to dry out slowly can become a breeding ground for toxic mold. The mold spores which are associated with mold growth can cause serious respiratory illnesses if they are inhaled. Ingesting the same spores can also cause sickness and diarrhea. Brushing, dusting or vigorously scrubbing at mold patches can cause the spores to become airborne, meaning that you are more likely to breathe them in. As well as being bad for your health, mold will gradually eat away at your carpet. Carpet cleaning experts like Rainbow International of the Treasure Coast South will know the best mold removal and remediation techniques to help you to get rid of the mold from your carpet without you putting your health or the health of your family at risk.
Another reason why you should consider professional carpet cleaning is if you yourself use incorrect carpet cleaning techniques (such as excessive water or heat) the structure of the carpet may be affected. For example the carpet could shrink slightly or become uneven and need stretching. Poor cleaning can also degrade the non-slip coating on the base of the carpet, meaning that it could move about more easily on the floor.
There’s no need to concern yourself with any of these carpet cleaning issues if you choose Rainbow International of the Treasure Coast South. We are committed professionals in the Water Damage Restoration and Mold Removal Restoration who know how to properly clean your carpets. Give us a call today at 772-232-7422 or visit our website