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Mold – if you see it or smell it – it’s pretty certain that you have it. Any home or business can quickly become infested with mold with even the smallest water source, like a roof leak or plumbing leak behind a wall. Mold can spread throughout your home or business in as little as 48-72 hours and can produce spores, allergens and irritants that can dangerously affect your health and your pet’s health.
Mold Removal Can Be Tough
Removing mold can be a dangerous task. Here’s why you need a mold removal specialist. Mold can be tough to get rid of because mold spores are present everywhere all the time; however, they just don’t grow unless the conditions are right. Mold needs moisture, a food source and warm temperatures to grow.
1. Mold needs moisture to grow and reproduce spores, which then spread through air, water and even by insects. Using bleach will only remove the stain – it will not kill mold spores.
2. Mold needs a food source to grow and our homes and businesses can provide it with – paper (drywall), wood, cotton, leather etc. So it can grow on carpet, walls, couches, drapery and more.
3. Warm temperatures. Temps between 70 and 90 are the most conducive for mold growth.
Common Places That Mold Loves to Grow
• Bathrooms and kitchens
• Carpeting
• Pipes, faucets and ductwork
• Basements
• Attics
• Window sills
• Garage
• Walls
• The sprinkler system too close to the house
• Downspouts and the ground sloping toward the house
• A watered garden too close to the house
Mold Removal in New Homes
A new home is not safe from mold. Mold can even be built into new homes. In this age when time is money, contractors may not wait until the house structure dries out after a rain before sealing in the walls, trapping the moisture in the walls. This may not happen often but it can happen; so even new homes should be inspected. If you walk into a brand new house and it smells musty, there’s probably a problem.
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Mold Removal Specialist Jupiter FL