Whole House Water Filter – pH Prescription Water Filters

Whole House Water Filters by pH Prescription. We are the leader in developing whole house water filters for bathing and washing and structured anti-oxidant alkaline water filters for drinking and cooking. https://phprescription.com.

Here is why our water filters are the water doctors recommend: “So it makes it a very small molecule which is much easier to penetrate into the cell, and actually hydrate and detox the cell.” Susan McPherson has extensive training in metabolic and nutritional medicine and owns and operates medical spas in Florida and Massachusetts. She says pH Prescription’s water can have a big impact on health and beauty. “So it actually keeps ourselves cleaner, it keeps ourselves healthier because its constantly removing all the toxins.”

We have revolutionized structured pure water. If you have well water we can create a custom whole house water filtration system just for your needs.

Whole House Water Filter – pH Prescription