Massage Therapist – Back Pain Relief – Palm City FL

Don’t trust back pain relief to just anyone! If you are suffering from back pain you need immediate relief. Patricia Bigler is a certified massage therapist who incorporates the Yuen Method energy body work to give her clients on the spot relief from lower back pain with often dramatic results. 735 S. Colorado Avenue, Ste 112, Stuart FL 34994 Tel: 772-335-7068.

For any Back Pain relief, Massage therapy, combined with the Yuen Method, provides the fastest, most comprehensive technique for improvements and results. Unlike conventional methods that treat symptoms, the Yuen Method pinpoints the causes resonating behind the symptoms. It releases the causes/weakening effects and strengthens a person for immediate improvement.

Patricia Bigler can identify the root cause of your chronic back pain or any kind of physical pain and give you on the spot relief. Call today for an appointment in her Stuart location: 772-335-7068.

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735 S. Colorado Avenue, Ste 112
Stuart, FL 34994
Tel: 772-335-7068