Best Carpet Cleaner Palm City FL 772-232-7422 – Rug Cleaning

Best Carpet Cleaning in Palm City FL:

Rainbow Treasure Coast South
2740 SW Martin Downs Blvd
Palm City, FL 34990
Tel: 772-232-7422


Best Carpet Cleaning Stuart FL 772-232-7422 – Rug Cleaning

Best Carpet Cleaning Stuart FL 772-232-7422 – Rug Cleaning – Best Carpet Cleaning Stuart FL 772-232-7422 – Rug Cleaning. We professionally clean and deodorize carpet, rugs and upholstery . We specialize in deep cleaning and removing odors to freshen up your home or business. When you are looking for a “carpet cleaning service near me” in the Stuart Florida area you can count on us. From carpet and upholstery spills, stains to odors, our reputation for quality and honesty make us the provider of choice for clients in need of cleaning and deodorizing services in Stuart Florida.

Our service professionals have the experience and expertise to provide quality cleaning and deodorizing services for your residence or commercial business.  At Rainbow Treasure Coast South we enjoy our work and it shows!

Stuart FL Carpet Cleaning Services – Experience the deep cleaned difference that Rainbow Treasure Coast South can provide.  We help keep your carpets looking new and can remove stains and odors. We can bring new life back into your carpets by specializing in pet stain removal.

Carpet Stain Protection Service – Keep your carpets looking clean longer between your professional carpet cleaning. We provide a carpet stain protection service for a more stain resistant carpet in your home or business. With carpet stain protection, the fibers of the carpet will last much longer and your carpets will look good much longer too.

Pet Stain and Odor Removal – Floor and Carpet Cleaning – Have your pets had their way with your carpet and now your smelly carpet is smelling up your house? Why is pet odor removal so difficult? Primarily, it is the chemical makeup that causes the odor. We have special pet stain and odor removal solutions that will get your carpets smelling fresh and looking great once again.

Spot & Stain Removal -Too many spills showing on your carpets?  Keeping your carpets clean is important not only because you want to keep your home looking good, but also because you want your carpet to last as long as possible.

Let us help you keep your carpets looking good once again with our professional carpet cleaning service and spot and stain removal expertise.

In Stuart Florida call Rainbow Intl Treasure Coast South today 772-232-7422 for a superb carpet cleaning service experience!

Rainbow Treasure Coast South
2740 SW Martin Downs Blvd
Palm City, FL 34990
Tel: 772-232-7422

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Best Carpet Cleaning Stuart FL 772-232-7422 – Rug Cleaning

Mold Cleanup Removal Service 772-232-7422 – Hobe Sound

Rainbow Treasure Coast South Hobe Sound FL (772) 232-7422. We are mold cleanup specialists in mold removal and mold remediation. Our mold removal service will keep your home and business a healthier place to live and work. Call us when you need a professional mold cleaner with great reviews and thorough mold removal

Mold in Your Home or Business? – In Hobe Sound Florida, mold and especially black mold can grow quickly under the right conditions of being moist, damp and dark. In our area of southeastern Florida we really have to watch out for mold growth in our homes and businesses.

Mold Remediation Services Hobe Sound FL – Here are a few general signs that mold may be present in your property and you should take action immediately:

  • You notice a musty, dank or mildew smell.
  • Visible signs of mold growth – no matter how small. Mold isn’t always black in color. It can be white, gray-brown, gray-green, orange or black. Mold can also be thread like or textured too.
  • If anyone is complaining of increased allergy symptoms, headaches, joint pains, coughing, sneezing, or wheezing.

If you or anyone you know is experiencing any of these signs you may have a mold problem.

Hobe Sound FL Mold Cleanup – If you have been impacted by a rainstorm, flooding, plumbing emergency or even water damage from a fire, there’s a good chance you may have perfect growing conditions for mold and mildew if you don’t take quick action. Prevention of mold is your best bet. That means keeping humidity levels low and monitoring your internal water sources and again taking quick action if you’ve been exposed to some kind of water damage emergency.

Looking for the best Mold Removal Company in Hobe Sound?  Mold can cause a host of potential health problems; some of which can be hazardous to your health. The longer any water remains in your flooring, baseboards, carpets or walls, the greater chance there is for mold to grow and thrive, and it thrives and expands in damp environments. Haven’t you ever seen mold on carpet?

How do you get rid of Mold in Hobe Sound FL? You call Rainbow Treasure Coast South and have it professionally removed. If you own a home or business that’s had any kind of water or moisture problems there’s a good chance that you may have mold growth. Mold growth from leaks can often be hidden behind large appliances or walls and even if you don’t see visible signs of water damage it’s a good idea to regularly check for mold growth anyway.

Florida Home Mold Removal – Time is of the essence if you have any water or moisture issues on your property. Excess water should be promptly eliminated to prevent serious mold and water damage.

When you call Rainbow Treasure Coast South our mold removal experts are dispatched quickly to assess your mold problem and formulate a through cleanup plan.

Call us today at 772-232-7422 and let us take care of your mold problem in your home or business.

Mold Cleanup Removal Service 772-232-7422 – Hobe Sound FL

Hydrogen Infused Water – H2 True Molecular Hydrogen Tablets

Hydrogen Infused Water – H2 True Molecular Hydrogen Tablets  H2 True™ Looking for the best Molecular Hydrogen Tablets? H2 True™ hydrogen water tablets gives you the freedom and convenience to make H2 hydrogen water anytime, anywhere, instantly! No unnecessary expensive hydrogen water bottles needed!  With H2 True™ you can make your own healthy hydrogen infused water simply by dropping hydrogen water tablets into your drinking water.

What Is Hydrogen Water? Adding H2 True™ natural hydrogen formula tablets to your drinking water reacts by releasing millions of tiny hydrogen bubbles that are ready to get to work actively seeking out harmful free radical oxygen molecules inside your cells, bind to them and then take them outside your body through the body’s elimination system. There is no easier way to build your health for all age groups.

Hydrogen Water Benefits – There are Therapeutic Benefits for Over 170 health related issues: Anti Aging benefits for better toned looking skin; Increases Cellular Hydration; Supports Mitochondrial ATP (energy) Production; Anti Inflammatory and Improves Circulation; Antioxidant,; Aids In The Production of More Protective Enzymes; Regular Use helps support Physical and Mental Energy.

Hydrogen Water is safe for all age groups and so easy to take.  With H2 True™ the tablets simply dissolve in water in less than 2 minutes.

The easiest and most efficient method is simply by dropping an H2 True™ tablet in 12 – 16oz of water and wait until the last remaining portion of the tablet rises to the surface; stir lightly and drink immediately.  Depending on the water temperature this takes about 1 – 2 minutes (cold water takes longer to dissolve). In all cases, molecular hydrogen (H2) easily enters the bloodstream and is transported throughout the body ready to get to work gobbling up free radical cells that are doing harm in your body.

Order online today by visiting

Hydrogen Infused Water – H2 True Molecular Hydrogen Tablets

Port St Lucie FL Adult Day Care – Senior Activity Center St Lucie West Florida – The Adult Activity Center of the Treasure Coast 579 NW Lake Whitney PL Suite 104, Port St Lucie, FL 34986 Tel: 772-237-4500 Hours:  Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. When you are looking for an Adult Day Care Center in the Port St Lucie area that offers level oriented fun and stimulating activities, hot meals and even transportation for your special Senior – you have come to the right place!

Adult Day Care Port St Lucie – The Adult Activity Center of the Treasure Coast is a 5-Star quality adult day care center where seniors can go to socialize, have a change of scenery and have fun in a safe, clean environment. Seniors fare better when they have daily activities and involvement with their peers like sharing meals together and playing games. Your senior will have a good time at The Adult Activity Center of the Treasure Coast.

Adult Day Care Services in St Lucie West – Our goal is to provide social and recreational programs to meet all levels of need and interest. Our carefully designed programs can help delay or prevent nursing home institutionalization by providing supervised care to encourage socializing and enhance self-esteem.

Adult Day Programs Port St Lucie FL – Our Senior Day Care Center offers many programs to keep your senior happy and comfortable. We include things like: Games and activities to improve cognitive skills; Physical exercise and Dancing; Special field trips and outings; Nutritious meals and snacks;  Instruction on nutrition and the aging process; Free support groups and counseling for caregivers; Individualized care plans; Personalized activities; Medication monitoring and Transportation Services.

So, when you are searching for “adult day care near me” and you live in the Port St Lucie and St Lucie West you can choose The Adult Activity Center of the Treasure Coast with confidence for your loved senior. Call us today or visit our website for more information.

The Adult Activity Center of the Treasure Coast
579 NW Lake Whitney Pl, Suite 104
Port St Lucie, FL 34986
Tel: 772-237-4500